Adventures of a Dust Speck

2596844210_6e7a6db6bf_zWhat if you could trace the seemingly endless chain of events that led you to this exact moment?

In 1908, an author (or authors) published The Kybalion under the pseudonym of “the Three Initiates.”  The book explores the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus—a legendary author who passed down centuries’ worth of wisdom about alchemy. The Kybalion was published anonymously by a person or persons

The book explores the concept of “THE ALL,” a conception of a “universal, infinite, living mind” underlying reality–another way of thinking about the ancient mystical belief that “all is one.

At one point, the book ponders all the “causes behind even the most trifling event or phenomena, such as the passage of a tiny speck of soot before your eye.” The authors imagine the epic journey of a piece of soot:

“It is not an easy matter to trace the bit of soot back to the early period of the world’s history when it formed a part of a massive tree-trunk, which was afterward converted into coal, and so on, until as the speck of soot it now passes before your vision on its way to other adventures. And a mighty chain of events, causes and effects, brought it to its present condition, and the latter is but one of the chain of events which will go to produce other events hundreds of years from now.”

This is a powerful mental exercise, trying to imagine how a speck of dust ended up on your desk. The Kybalion reminds us that this kind of thought experiment can help one discover that “all is one” buried deep in the mystery of reality:

“One of the series of events arising from the tiny bit of soot was the writing of these lines, which caused the typesetter to perform certain work; the proofreader to do likewise; and which will arouse certain thoughts in your mind, and that of others, which in turn will affect others, and so on, and on, and on, beyond the ability of man to think further and all from the passage of a tiny bit of soot, all of which shows the relativity and association of things, and the further fact that ‘there is no great; there is no small; in the mind that causeth all.’

The gorgeous photograph above shows a highly magnified view of dust on the edge of a feather duster–“worlds tumbling like specks of dust.”

How did a speck of dust end up drifting in your room? Write down that story and see where you end up…

Image via psyberartist.

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