Choose Your Own R. A. Montgomery Tribute

space and beyondWhat was your favorite Choose Your Own Adventure story?

Choose Your Own Adventure author and publisher R. A. Montgomery has died, leaving happy reading memories for readers around the world.

The beloved series from the 1980s helped millions of kids explore science fiction, fantasy and adventure stories.

My favorite will always be the third book, Space and Beyond (pictured).

Before helping create the iconic storybook series that allowed the reader to pick a path through the book, Montgomery used role playing games to create revolutionary educational tools.

Over at Reddit, one fan created a Choose Your Own Obituary for the great author. Follow this link to start the adventure.

Stepping softly, you enter the library of the famous – and now deceased – R. A Montgomery. The room stretches ahead of you with tall bookshelves lining the walls, filled with every edition of CYOA books ever published. The large desk at the opposite end of the room is covered with pens, papers, an old computer, and an even older typewriter. Coffee stains mark several of the papers … You have come to pay your respects, and hopefully find some peace in his passing.

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