Discovering Your Biological Fate

clockIf you could measure how much time is left in your biological life, would you want to know?

As scientists learn more about DNA, we are much closer to being able to read the “biological clock” that modulates your life.

Someday, scientists will be able to predict your biological fate with alarming accuracy. People will have to decide if they want to know this number or not. Would you?

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh are exploring how we can measure your “biological age” by mapping how the chemical modification methylation affects your DNA and, in turn, your lifespan. The study followed nearly 5,000 people, measuring the “biological clock age” of each subject.

ScienceDaily has more about this mind-boggling topic:

By comparing individuals’ actual ages with their predicted biological clock age, scientists saw a pattern emerging. People whose biological age was greater than their true age were more likely to die sooner than those whose biological and actual ages were the same.

(Photo via Jlhopgood on Flickr)

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