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What will our comic book visions of the future look like in 50 years?

The Digital Comics Museum archives more than 15,000 public domain comic books, helping preserve books from the Golden Age Comics.

Open Culture has more about the collections:

Interested in understanding how homefront American culture reflected fighting in World War II and Korea, and the anxieties of the Cold War? The archive is full of titles like “Fighting Yank”  (or “Wartime”) that trade on true stories of past combat and present-day engagements. Many, like these“Atomic Attack” books from the early 1950s, have a distinctive Cold War flavor, with science-fictional imaginings of futuristic combat. (“See how the war of 1972 will be fought! The war that YOU, yourself, might have to take part in…”)

You should start with Out of This World Adventures, a combination of science fiction journal and comic book. We’d love to see more like this in the 21st Century.

You need to register with the site and download a comic book reader app before reading the comics.

Open Culture also recommends you check out the ‘Pre-Code’ Horror comics of the 50s archived on the site–a peek at some of the most vivid and controversial comics ever created.

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