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4166477007_edc5264f0d_zWhat if you could tell stories with more than one ending?

Over at the Wise Sloth blog, you can download free Microsoft Word templates to create a choose your own adventure-style interactive book.

You can build your own free-form science fiction, fantasy and adventure stories, letting readers play inside your story.

The free Wise Sloth templates come complete with pre-programmed hyperlinks to guide the reader through the story, so even the least tech-savvy writers can create a story.

Follow this link to download the free Microsoft Word document: “120 page template with exploration themed prompts.”

Here’s more from the “Introduction and Cataclysm” section of the basic adventure template–a great place to start any story…

“Introduce the protagonist and the setting. Show the protagonist in his natural setting doing what he always does the way he always does it. If you really want to establish strong characterization, then show what the protagonist loves, hates, fears and hopes for most. Show what he’s best and worst at. Show who he is and who is isn’t, what he does and what he doesn’t. Eventually the protagonist will arrive at some new place he’s never been. As he explores his new surroundings he will have to make a choice to visit/focus one place/feature of his new environment.”

That is the best template for beginners, but you can find more free templates at the Wise Sloth blog, including longer formats.  Ultimately, the site’s creator hopes to grow the site into “an  intellectual monastery where smart people can live for free in a stress free environment where they can focus on their life’s work.”

The beloved Choose Your Own Adventure series from the 1980s taught millions of kids how to pick a path through the book, instead of reading the story chronologically.

Photograph via Peter F. 

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