Greg Russo Shares Screenwriting Advice

typewriterWhat are your favorite movies? Your list can teach you a lot about storytelling.

Screenwriter Greg Russo is visiting the True Pictures offices for a month-long writing lab in February. Russo is a veteran screenwriter, tapped by Universal to adapt It Takes a Thief and Relativity acquired his pitch about the comic book series, Continuum.

To introduce Russo to our community, we’ve collected three pieces of writing advice from the screenwriter, collected from an inspiring roundtable discussion and an in-depth interview at Scott Myers’ “Go Into the Story” site.

1. Analyze your ten favorite movies: “You can learn everything you need to by buying the screenplays to your ten favorite films and studying what made them so effective on paper to begin with.”

2. Start by working on your characters“I now start with the character and build the plot around that person, tying everything into his or her journey.”

3. Rewrite as you write: “write five pages one day, next day go back and rewrite what you wrote, add five more, next day you go back, rewrite ten, and continue until you’re done.”

(Typewriter image via xlibber)

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