How To Hack Your Brainwaves


What if any creator could build a powerful and affordable brain-interface device at home?

A team of scientists have raised more than $215,000 on Kickstarter to build a simple Electroencephalography (EEG) device that anyone can use to help “unlock the mysteries of the human brain” by measuring electrical activity inside your head.

The device includes a collection of wearable electrodes, an amplifier that measures the electrical activity in your brain and a built in “signal processing computer” that records the data to feed to your computer.

The device also includes a 3D printable headset, allowing you to customize the layout of electrodes on the device. Here’s more:

OpenBCI is a low-cost, programmable, open-source EEG platform that gives anybody with a computer access to their brainwaves. Our vision is to realize the potential of the open-source movement to accelerate innovation in brain science through collaborative hardware and software development … We feel that the biggest challenges in understanding what makes us who we are cannot be solved by a company, an institution, or even an entire field of science. Rather, we believe these discoveries will be made through an open forum of shared knowledge and concerted effort by people from many different disciplines.

What would you do if you could connect any digital device to your brain?

Artists, writers, videogame makers and other amateur scientists could use the device to build futuristic experiences.

The makers explained:

Both neurofeedback and biofeedback are starting to be used more frequently by artists, musicians, dancers, and other creative individuals who want to find new ways of connecting people with the world around them, making more immersive experiences. There’s great potential for research in psychology and behavior studies with portable EEG devices that can record brain activity in real-world environments. As the tools for interfacing the brain become more widely available, we will see BCIs come out of medical facilities and labs and become a bigger part of our everyday lives. We envision BCIs revolutionizing everything from neural gaming and augmented reality to meditation and concentration aids.

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