Inter-Dimensional Travel

dimensionalWhat would a spacecraft look like that could travel through both time and space?

Contact In The Desert’ was a four-day conference in Joshua Tree last summer.

It brought together experts from around the world to explore “ancient astronauts, extra-terrestrials, human origins, crop circles, UFO sightings, contact experiences and the need to know.”

Journalist Bennett Stein wrote about the mind-bending conference for KCRW’s Design & Architecture blog.

Here’s a quote from his conference dispatch, pondering the existence of “inter-dimensional” travel:

And it turns out there is a wide variety of iconic design shapes for inter-dimensional spacecraft. I say inter-dimensional as it seems some UFOs fly not just through outer space and across our blue skies above but also through membranes in the fabric of the universe, and jump dimensions back and forth in time spanning hundreds of thousands of years … they come in all shapes and sizes from cosmic cigar, giant V, blinking triangle, golden swirling ball, bowler hat to winged teacups and saucers.

Photo via Rick Harris

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