The 10,000 Year Journey Home

2871333638_4a15219343_oWhat if it took you ten thousand years to get home?

Inspired by popular speculation that Keanu Reeves could be a time traveler and this photograph, Reddit writer americanpegasus wrote a short story in a conversation thread.

The story imagines Keanu’s epic journey across time to reunite with his wife after a time travel accident.

At first, it seems like the time traveler has survived his accident and made an astounding journey. Here is the moment when the time traveler returns after his ten thousand year journey:

“He lived 10,000 years aware that if he hid in the shadows he would die, and if he thrived he would alter the future. And yet he persevered, all in an effort to make it back to us, to his family, to his beloved wife.”

While it may seem like an incredible adventure, the story imagines the horrifying ordeal this doomed time traveler would endure:

“The man was changed. His physical body may not have aged, but his soul did. He had seen the rise of civilization and every awful war and tragedy our species had ever committed.”

Would you endure 10,000 years to return home?

(Photo via openDemocracy)

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