Computer Generated Bank Robbery

7862855188_b93525e4a4_zHow would a computer algorithm plan a bank robbery?

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have created “Scheherazade-IF,” an artificial intelligence system that has a single purpose: to generate an interactive story.

Through algorithms and crowd-sourced information, the program can write a simple Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style story. So far, the program has generated stories about a movie date and a bank robbery, and the researchers found that human readers could follow these narratives created by artificial intelligence.

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Choose Your Own R. A. Montgomery Tribute

space and beyondWhat was your favorite Choose Your Own Adventure story?

Choose Your Own Adventure author and publisher R. A. Montgomery has died, leaving happy reading memories for readers around the world.

The beloved series from the 1980s helped millions of kids explore science fiction, fantasy and adventure stories.

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