Video Game Marriage Proposal

What if you could propose to your lover while exploring the universe in a spaceship?

One Reddit reader proposed to his girlfriend using a ring-shaped ship inside the indie starship video game, FTL: Faster Than Light.

The dedicated gamer built an entire patch for the video game, making the proposal part of his girlfriend’s gaming experience. His heartwarming proposal illustrates how true love can be exactly like an interstellar space battle.

His girlfriend opened the game and discovered a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style set of options.

You boarded my heart and went straight for the shields. And then the life-support. And then the weapons. And then the shields. Oh wait, I said shields already. Anyway, I love you. Will you marry me?

The designer built in options for both “yes” and “no,” but this game had a happy ending:

Sorry for the wait. She said yes =) And then she went back through and tried all the other options.

You can see all the images from the video game at this link.