These People Might Get a One-Way Ticket To Mars


Would you leave your family and friends forever with a one-way ticket to Mars?

Just in time for the New Year, the Mars One project notified 1,058 aspiring astronauts that they had made the first cut from more than 200,000 applicants for a potential one-way trip to Mars in 2025. They would help set up Earth’s first colony on the red planet.

Alberta Ministry of Environment strategic planner Christy Foley received one of these highly coveted invitations, but her husband did not. She said that would not change her mind about the mission:

“This dream is so much bigger than one relationship. He recognizes that and he wants to help me reach the stars … He doesn’t want to anchor me to the Earth … When he said that, it made my heart flutter.”

New York City comedian Lauren Reeves made a funny Mars One application video, declaring “I wear my helmet everywhere I go” and poking fun at her lack of qualifications for the trip. She ended up getting picked for the second round and is willing to take the one-way trip for real. She explained in an interview:

“I wasn’t expecting that … I’m a natural athlete … And I think I have a pretty good personality. I’m someone who you’d want to live with and not want to kill.”

26-year-old Alex Marion built a YoutubeTwitter and Facebook page to promote his campaign to join the Mars trip. He posted this inspiring statement on his site:

Enough talk, enough debate, it’s time to do something. Until we then, until people realize their own potential as individuals and as a collective and create a purpose, rather than waiting and hoping, we will forever be doomed to self-destruction through apathy. The moon landing once gave us that glimmer of hope. It was in that moment that people all over the world saw what we could really do. Somehow we lost that, or it wasn’t a dramatic enough example. Either way, I believe that the Mars One mission can do what everything else couldn’t, and finally unite humanity with a higher purpose. Something more than survival or competition. I want to show every person a future not borne of violence, or politics, or economics, but one of peace, cooperation, and unity. To show everyone that we can… go to Mars!

20 year old Oxford student Ryan MacDonald also made the cut, beating hundreds of thousands of other applicants. He had this commentary in the Derby Telegraph:

“For the past few summers I have been getting in to the gym and building up for it. When I have spoken to the physician I will have more of an idea what I will need to do … I think for my family it is still not very real because there is still a long way to go but I am so excited to have got this far.”

30-year-old author Marina Miral received an email from Mars One as well, putting her in the running for the one-way trip to Mars. She told the Times Colonist:

“This might sound a little bit silly, but my dream for my entire life was to go to Starfleet Academy … But that is fictional, so it’s been pretty hard trying to find something that will substitute for that dream.”

(Image via Mars One site)

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