Think Like a Wasp

distributedWhat would happen if we could think like wasps?

In other words, what if we could access the collective power of all our minds instead of just our limited, solitary brain?

Scientists at Drexel University have been studying the idea of “distributed cognition,” or the ways hive organisms can pool brain power.

If we could think like wasps, then perhaps we could tap the potential of the  old mystical idea that “all is one“–connecting in a more meaningful way and accomplishing things we could never do alone.

Drexel University professor Sean O’Donnell explained the research in a video, outlining how the wasps could possibly pool less complex brains to create a more powerful form of group cognition.

“Colony members interests are often aligned. So if colony members can communicate and rely on each other, perhaps the need for individual brain power is decreased. It’s as if the insects that cooperate in colonies have shared brain power. So even though individual wasps may be less brainy than solitary individuals, the colony as a whole may be smart. TOGETHER.”

Does this vision of shared thought scare you? Do you think we are moving toward a collective mind with a world connected through digital tools?

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