Virtual Time Travel

romeIf you could simulate any moment in history, what time period would you choose?

Time travel is still science fiction, but our powers of digital simulation are increasing every single day. Instead of waiting for a time machine, a team of researchers have created a gorgeous simulation of ancient Rome.

You can explore the ancient site with this gorgeous video from the Khan Academy, getting a guided tour from a history professor.

Over at Open Culture, you can read more about the video and the scholar giving us a guided tour through the once great city.

“we not only see and move through ancient Rome reconstructed, we have our extended tour guided by renowned ‘virtual archaeologist’ and overseer of the Rome Reborn project Dr. Bernard Frischer, professor emeritus at the University of Virginia. He picks 320 C.E. as the year of the tour, “the peak of Rome’s development, certainly in terms of public architecture, for the simple reason that the Emperor at this time was Constantine the Great.”

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